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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Off To The Mall

It's off to the Mall
Visa card in hand.
Car alarms blaring
Crowds you can't stand.

The high school choir
Is singing off key.
A tired-eyed Santa
Has kids on his knee.

Did she say she liked
Yankee Candle scents?
Was it cinnamon spice?
Just use common sense.

The lady in the kiosk
Is beckoning you over.
Says she has something
Just right for your lover.

You hear the faint trickle
Of a faraway fountain.
Not the rush of a spring
Down a cold mountain.

Not a Jesus or Mary
Or a shepherd or star.
Just crass tinsel wreaths
And a chic sushi bar.

It's a wonder no one
Stands up and screams
Merry Christmas to all,
And to all save your dreams.

Jesus and Mary were from
Another time and place.
We made it now so
It's your money we chase.

Is that a siren we hear
Out in the parking lot?
Better make your escape
With all you have got.
Your Visa, your candle,
Your scarf and latte.
Your keys and remote
Quick, make your getaway.

by bennie bell – 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

There's a Party in the Park,
A Band on the Bricks.
A rappel down a wall
Just for some kicks.

It's life in the fast lane
For the Queen Bee,
Her Druids and Drones
And young Wannabes.

Rubbing elbows with Sister's
Santuary Villiage,
Showing them who's Boss
Of Poverty's visage.

The buzz in the Hive
Said all was quite well.
That the Honey was flowing
Maybe only a tad pell-mell.

How long is the party
Slated to last?
The movers and shakers
Are wont to confess.

With hands on their Purses
While watching the Money,
They've surrounded the Hive
With eyes on the Honey.

There's a void in the center
Of what's called Midtown.
Another's in the ground
At Charlotte's Marina Town.

When the Hive starts to show
Worker Bees' duress,
Whether starvation or ice
It'll be a Grand Mess.

Should the Party break-up
And the Band stop playing,
They'll be seen at the wall
Kneeling and praying
For the time to return
When the Honey was flowing,
The Queen Bee was loved,
Righteous and all-knowing.

by bennie bell – 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Flower City

The Flower City

Whoever thought
It would come to this?
The Flower City
Gone so amiss.

A cadre of lapdogs
Led by a lawyer,
Who in a pinch
Acts Tom Sawyer.

A Chief of Nothing,
With dire rumors
Of threats to life
Worse than tumors.

The Flower has cancer,
The streets have mold.
The Key is rusty
So I've been told.

The Sister Cities are
A mere ceremony,
Good for a junket
And lots of baloney.

For the Flower is wilted,
The vase it is cracked.
The water's leaked out
The citizens slapped.

Gather your garden,
Your seeds and your tools.
Take them to fields
Where there are no fools.

Sow the fields with rows
Of peace and civility.
Let buds become Flowers
For all The Brave to see.

Make the new Flower City
A beautiful beacon
For those who want
A Garden of Freedom.

       bennie bell - 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

Monday, December 8, 2014

Marching Orders

Marching Orders

You dare only march
When and where we say.
Better yet to wait
For another gray day.

Do you understand
The pickle we're in?
You're a stranger to us
Not next of kin.

Our mission is such
Not to include you.
As tough as it sounds
Only compliance will do.

The wisdom of all this
Hasn't been seen till now.
We actually do not
Really care anyhow.

You had your turn
At owning the streets.
It's our turn now
For tricks and treats.

So sit this one out
And await your orders.
If not for the streets
Then for your borders.

Do not speak of speech
As your inalienable right.
You're trapped in the myth
Of a long ancient fight.

Not your fault Mighty Marcher
For you have been caught
In a whirlpool of envy
Like none you've been taught.

Oh, your orders just in.
You've been cut from the list.
We are so sorry for you.
You'll be sorely missed.

Soon others will follow
Your peaceful parade.
They'll have the same orders
Shadowed rulers have made.

You dare only march
When and where we say.
Better yet to wait
For another gray day.

     by bennie bell – 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

Monday, November 17, 2014

Liberty Tea

Liberty Tea

Drink the Liberty Tea
To celebrate freedom
Without duty to party
Or bonds to a kingdom.

A party is not family
Or loved ones or friends.
Nor are bands of actors
On stage without ends.

Beware if the play script
Resembles a riddle.
Their rhetoric beyond right
Their plot second fiddle.

Sipping Liberty Tea
With lemon and honey
Is better than giving
A party your money.

Tell the politicians
You'll be brewing your tea
Without need of parties
But for your Liberty.

          by bennie bell – 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

Great Wave

Great Wave

A Great Wave washed over
From those who have spoken.
Their shots fired cross the bow
Of a ship quite broken.

Harsh words spilled forth freely
Like a river through a valley,
Forming a lake at the dam
To await the master's tally.

Words welling at the rim
Flooded the desert below,
Carrion bones swept away
By the holy cleansing flow.

Skeptics stood on valley high
Said it was all for naught.
They'd return for another day
To teach what they were taught.

Will those lordly words dissolve
When the watery flow recedes?
Will new words replace old,
The desert claim the seeds?

Or will cycles just repeat
Ordained to eternal wrath,
Until another Great Wave
Creates a new flooded path?

           by bennie bell – 2014
lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

Saturday, November 8, 2014

With the Top Down

Ride again with me.
I've put the top down
So everyone can see
We're the clowns in town.

I'll rev it at the light
So you'll hold on tight.
Take off from the line
And glance at your fright.

Then cruise the night
With very small talk
And beep the horn
At those that still walk.

We took turns changing
Tunes on the radio.
I liked it up high
You liked it down low.

We weren't for each other,
That was understood.
But with the top down
Everything was good.

I'd cruise with you again
But I'm in another car.
It doesn't have a rag top
And won't go very far.

by bennie bell – 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved