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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Dippers

The Ancients drew lines between the stars
Making them look Dippers.
Wise men came later to tell their children
Which was smaller and bigger.

Do we know today if there’s more than two,
Ones we cannot see?
Or some are just faraway specks in time
So quick they cannot be?

Is Earth’s Big Dipper that points to the North
Only another man’s maze.
Drawing lines inside the labyrinth was done
In a primordial phase?

Men will always try hard to connect the dots,
For life is such a riddle.
Chaos needs order and stars need design
With Truth somewhere the middle.

by bennie bell – 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

A Thousand Years

Born to live a thousand years
Looks more like less is enough.
Beyond next year is out of reach,
Thousand yard stares seem tough.

Put your hand through the glass
To touch what's was in store.
Feel nothing but green apples
That are rotten to the core.

A thousand years are reduced
To angry epistles.
Human lives have morphed
To random sets of pixels.

Looking back is harmful
To one’s disposition.
History's for scholars,
The future's for sedition.

Draw your hand from the window
Without slitting a wrist.
Then walked down a pathway
With the least sign of twist.

Living a thousand years
Is highly overrated.
For sooner or later
You’ll get aggravated.

by bennie bell – 2014

lifeslittleverses - © 2014
all rights reserved

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Pill

There’s a pill for this
And a pill for that.
Ones for your flu,
Ones for your fat.

There's red ones for sniffles,
White ones for migraines.
They'll rid you of rashes,
All your aches and pains.

This one's for mornings,
Another for noon.
All kept in a box
So your head won't swoon.

Some are for bedtime,
Or so it seems.
Some make you crazy,
Will mess up your dreams.

Monday morning the green pill,
Tuesday, Thursday, the blue.
Wednesday, the tiny pink one,
Sunday, the ones you chew.

Why do the doctors
Who prescribe them to you,
Need you to tell them
On a list what they do?

Or have they all lunched
With the purveyors of pills,
Who think you're a lab rat
For curing most ills. 

-       bennie bell – 2012

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   - All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 13, 2014

No Pretend

Come on fine lady
I'll take you downtown.
We'll see the freaks
and visit the clowns.

Wear your diamonds
And wear you lace.
Watch the night unfold
And the stars embrace.

Kick off your heels,
Go barefoot on the floor.
Shimmy and shake
Til you dance no more.

There's not much time left
To see the sunrise.
So clap your little hands
And I'll be your surprise.

Hold my hand tightly
And follow me to the end,
Where the dark meets light
And there's no pretend.

-       bennie bell – 2012

© 2014 - lifeslittleverses.blogspot.com
   - All Rights Reserved

Friday, January 3, 2014

Life Trek

A shard of swift lightning
Broke through the sky.
Danced on the wet roof,
Then waved me good-bye.

Pounding pellets of rain
Stung my cheek bones,
Deep puddles were formed
Splashing off stones.

The downpour cleansed me,
Gave me pause to think.
How much more of life
Was there left to drink?

Another flash in the clouds
Snapped me out of my daze.
Doses of life’s potient
Are not meted in days.

When we weather no more
The thunderous night,
Life’s elixir runs dry,
We give up the fight.

So reach out and grab
The comet's crystal tail.
Hurl it back at the gods
And trek down life’s trail.

It’s the journey that counts
No matter the travail.
Face the jagged bolts
And you’re sure to prevail. 

- Bennie Bell

- copyright - 2013
- lifeslittleverses
- @http://lifeslittleverses.blogspot.com
- all rights reserved

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Squawk Radio

The airwaves are cluttered
With Squawk Radio.
Whether right or the left,
It’s a clown’s rodeo.

All started with Rushbo,
AM’s No. 1 Baby Huey.
If you listen long enough,
Sounds like a bunch of hooey.

He blurts with one hand
Tied behind his back.
But like Baby Huey
He’s just a Big Quack.

Gave rise to like squawkers
All ranting on air,
Spouting their pathos
And paranoid fare.

What is it that’s in us
Makes us tune in?
So uncertain ‘bout life
We crave dose of spin?

There’s much more to life,
It seems very clear,
Than hurting on others
Or playing on fear.

So tune out Squawk Radio,
Go tell Baby Huey
To tie back his tongue,
For he’s a lot of phooey.

- Bennie Bell

- copyright - 2013
- lifeslittleverses
- @http://lifeslittleverses.blogspot.com
- all rights reserved

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fish Story

We all have a story
‘Bout the one that got away.
Was at least a yard long.
Never a chance to weigh.

Got up close to the boat,
Took a glance at the bow.
Spit the hook in my face
And returned down below.

A fish story is much like
Miles per gallon for your car.
None ever make less than
What the Fed thinks is par.

But what would life be
Without truth being stretched
If only to the degree
It’s not too far-fetched.

- Bennie Bell

- copyright – 2013
- lifeslittleverses
- @http://lifeslittleverses.blogspot.com/
- all rights reserved